Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Leaf Ornaments

I had collected leaves for a few weeks planning to make some leaf ornaments.  After pressing them for several days in some phone books, it was time to spray paint.  I spread them out on some garbage bags on my balcony.

Then I readied the spray paint and sparkles.  This is another ornament that requires quickly sprinkling sparkles onto wet spray paint.

It seemed to work best in batches again, so I would spray about 4 of the leaves, sprinkle the sparkles then move them to a clean, or dry spot so it wouldn't stick to the wet spray.

Let it dry, before flipping over and doing the other side. Twenty minutes is plenty of time

The finished leaf looks great. I brought them inside to dry overnight and the next morning they were ready to be tied with ribbon and hung on the tree.


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  1. Ha ha! I finally found your Blog! I love it! You need to post more! Oh and P.S. You make me laugh :)