Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Present Ornament

Some of my favourite ornaments when I was a kid were simple wrapped blocks of wood.  My dad is a carpenter and he'd give us some left over scraps to wrap and put on the tree.  I wanted to recreate those but the only thing I could find was Styrofoam.  So I cut them up into 2" blocks

 This whole block made 12! The wrapping paper should be big enough to wrap the block so for these guys I guy rectangles slightly larger than 6 x 8".  Spread white glue on the back of the paper and quickly wrap the present.


The sides will probably need slightly more glue to stick.  Once it's finished, let it sit until the glue is dry.  These took overnight before they were completely dry.  Then, all you have to do is wrap it in some ribbon and make a loop for the tree.

Here's the difference between using the glue on the paper and just wrapping the present with a bit of tape.  On the left, it's glued and the edges are clearly defined.  On the right, it's taped and the paper is loose and it doesn't look as neat.  I prefer the glued one even if it is a bit messier.

The finished ornament

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