Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feather and Fan

Possibly my favourite simple lace pattern.  I knit a few baby blankets for friends out of this pattern.  It's also a good pattern to show simple increasing and decreasing stitches.  It's best if you repeat the pattern a few times so if you're knitting a scarf, knit it lengthwise.  This is what just one repeat of the pattern looks like after about 20 rows:

This pattern is a repeat of 18 stitches + 2.  This basically means that if you're only doing one repeat then you need to cast on 20 stitches.  If you're going to repeat it more than once you need to have a multiple of 18 stitches then add 2 more stitches.  As an example if you wanted 5 repeats you need 92 stitches (18x5+2=92).

Here is the basic pattern:

1st row (RS):  Knit
2nd row: Purl
3rd row: K1, * (K2tog) 3 times, (yo, k1) 6 times, (K2tog) 3 times, rep from * to last st, k1.
4th row: Knit.

Here is the third row written out in long form.

3rd row:  Knit 1, *(Knit 2 together) 3 times, (yarn over, knit 1) 6 times, (Knit 2 together) three times, repeat from * to last stitch, Knit 1.

Note:  The bracket means you have to repeat the directions in the brackets the number of times indicated to the right of the brackets.  

Still not sure?  Check out the video and the glossary at the end.

Helpful hint:  I put a post it note under the line in the pattern I'm currently working on.  That way it's easy to know where I am in the pattern.  It also means I can put it away for the night and not worry about knowing where I am the next day.

Post it! 


So follow the pattern, Knit a row then purl a row and get ready for the action row, or the third row.  Once you're ready for the action row, watch this video:

When you're finished that row, it's time to knit again.  If you're not sure about the next row watch this:

There you go!  That's the basic idea for the Feather and fan pattern.  You just keep repeating those four rows until you have as much feather and as much fan as you want.  It's that easy.  


K : knit
P : purl
k2tog : Knit two together(decrease by 1):  Insert the right hand needle, from left to right, through two stitches instead of one. Then knit them together as one stitch.
YO: Yarn over(increase by 1): Bring the yarn forward as if to purl, but then knit the next stitch, bringing the yarn over the needle to do so.

I think that's it!  Remember, take a break from knitting and go outside to enjoy the wonderful fall weather.  

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