Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monkey update

I'm still working on the monkey, I swear.  It's hard though because I have to sneak knit.  I can't just pull out the monkey when Kevin goes to work because sometimes he forgets stuff or otherwise has to come home shortly after he leaves.  Then, since he doens't have a specific time that he normally finishes work, I have to put it away way before I think he might be coming home.  As a result, monkey is only this big:

It is getting bigger though and should go pretty quick now.  The only things left are the arms, tail and mouth.  Oh yeah, and ears.  Ok, so, maybe it's not as finished yet as I thought but at least I have the main 'sock' part done.  I still have to buy a yarn needle to tie off and weave in the ends.  There's still time.  I haven't even started the christmas count down yet.

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