Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The monkey has legs!

Well, I didn't get the monkey finished by the time Kevin got home.  At least I got a good start.  I can work on it for little bits at a time while Kevin is at work.  He got back on friday and it's been hiding since then.  Today, I got it out and joined the legs to start making the body.  It's going a bit slower than the legs, maybe because there are double the stitches.

See... Monkey legs!!!  Although it seems like I might have made the right foot slightly longer than the left.  Oh well, it adds character.  I like how the colours are turning out.  At first I thought the grey would be to dark, but I couldn't find a nice lighter grey or brown.  It'll look great with the red hat and scarf I'm hoping to make for it.

Hmmm... I think monkey needs a name.  It's weird to keep calling it 'It'. Maybe, I should name it before I give it to Kevin.  If it's up to him it might end up being named Monkey or even Monkey Butt.

I also made a delicious banana bread the day before Kevin came home.

Yum!  Additions in banana bread are what makes it amazing.  This time I added chopped walnuts and coconut.  Coconut is fantastic in banana bread.

When Kevin did get home he really wanted cake.  It is his favourite dessert.  Not just one specific kind of cake like chocolate or vanilla or something but any kind of cake at all.  I decided to make Boston cream pie.  Not really a cake, but it does have a cake layer.  I remembered that we brought back some really nice dishes from Japan and decided to put it on that instead of a regular plate.  Yum!!! Cake!

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