Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Zombies! and Doctor Who.

So over the weekend Kevin and I went on a road trip to Raleigh.  Unfortunately, we chose to go on the weekend that the state fair was in town.  Which would have been fine if we were planning on going to the fair.  Instead we just got caught up in traffic headed to the fair.  It was brutal, we ended up doing a moderately illegal u turn and trying to get out of there.  We did find most of the things we'd intended to find, including a pretty cool comic and general nerdiness store.

Comics were actually on sale that weekend so it was hard to say no to some awesome new zombie comics.  I even found a zombie comic with a Christmas theme (the one on the right).  I'm so excited to read them.  New zombie stuff is always fun.

I also found some new Doctor Who comics.  Well, some old ones really.  I can't wait to read them.  You can see they actually have K-9!  I want a robot dog.  I also want to knit a crazy Doctor Who scarf.  All it really has to be is colourful and like 12 feet long.  It'll happen one day.

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