Friday, September 24, 2010

The Alpacanator.

My three skein scarf is finishing the first skein. It is knitting up deliciously and gotten decently big for the just one skein so far.  I have really been enjoying knitting in the round.  There's no pesky purling! I can't seem to put it down to do anything else.  Alpaca is definitely my favourite fiber, more so when it's blended with silk.

Last night I stayed up late knitting and watching bewitched.  I found Hulu!  It doesn't work in Canada, something about copyrights.  Since I'm back in the States, I can finally watch it.  I stayed up so late knitting that my skein ran out. Luckily, I have two more.

That's two more not 10 more.  The scarf is wider than I thought it would be after one skein, so I might end up just using one more and saving the last skein for a hat or something.  This morning I wound up a skein.  Well, I had to unwind the skein in order to wind it back up into a ball.  It seems like all of the most glorious wool is in skein form.  Which, of course, means all of the most glorious wool is also the most annoying wool.  Winding is one of my least favourite knitting step, along with grafting and weaving in the ends...yuck.

Lizard* made it more interesting by added unwinding obstacle.  I tend to wrap the yarn around pillows for a more convenient unwinding.  I've tried using the back of a chair or my feet but it tends to get tangled and frustrating.  I've made Kevin hold out his hands to hold the unwound skein, but it gets boring for him, especially if there isn't anything good on TV.  Pillows work best for me. 

After about half an hour or, alternatively, an episode of bewitched, the skein is unwound and made into a ball.  Here's a tip for when you wind a new ball of yarn. When wrapping the yarn around the ball, make sure to wrap it around one or two fingers as well.  If you just wrap the yarn around the ball, chances are you will stretch the yarn and nobody wants that.  It didn't take too long to wind it so I had plenty of time to keep knitting and make some delicious lemon tarts for dessert.  I was going to make whipped cream for on top but the carton of whipping cream got knocked over in the fridge and spilled everywhere.  But still, Yum! Lemon tarts!

Mmm... Lemony
*Lizard is our bearded dragon.  Well technically his name is Lizard Jr. since Kevin found a Lizard when he was deployed in Iraq and named him Lizard but had to leave him there.  Our other lizard, who's also been seen near my craft supplies, is named Tokage (toe-kah-gee), which is Japanese for lizard.  She's a Nigerian Uromastyx.  Both will, more than, likely be photographed plenty more for this blog.

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