Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mmmm.... Pie.

So I've been staring at a pile of peaches on the counter for a couple of days with the complete intention of making a pie.  Today it finally happened.  I put on the new star trek movie and started making the pastry.  While the pastry chilled in the fridge, I decided to finish up on of the Christmas ornaments I've been making.

I don't think I'll use this color combination again though.  The next ball will be blue.

I also picked up a couple of great blue striped shirts at a thrift store.  Hopefully there will be no more fabric searching after this.  Current tally of triangles: Large 20 (yay one is finished!); medium 35; small 83.  So still pretty far to go on the medium and small triangles.  Luckily the two shirts I picked up yielded a ton of fabric.

While the peach and blueberry pie cooked in the oven, and smelled wonderful while it did, I cut up the shirts. I don't know why but I love cutting out the fabric on shirts.  Maybe it's just that I like the seam carcass when it's done.

Perfect timing thought because when I was finished cutting them out the pie was done.  I couldn't wait until it was completely cool and it was super delicious.  

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