Friday, September 17, 2010


One of my knitting projects is a scarf with a gorgeous alpaca silk from blue sky.  I picked a stitch pattern from the best knitting book ever, Knitting and Crochet Stitches, shown in the pictures.  I didn't pick a scarf pattern, I just picked a knit pattern I thought would look good as a scarf.  Turns out my yarn estimates were way off.  The with of the scarf was way too big for the amount of yarn I had. Time to unravel and restart.

Before: Pretty lace shawl.
I actually enjoyed unraveling it.  Maybe because it means I get to search for a new pattern.  It also means I get to roll up the yarn again and untie any of the knots that are inevitable with a giant mess of yarn.  

After:  The tangled mess. 

I think I will make a much thinner scarf than I had before.  Possibly I'll even try to knit in the round and make a cowl.  Since it never gets very cold in North Carolina, I can probably still make it a lacy pattern.  Now if I were back in Canada, it would be a super thick scarf with matching mitts and hat.

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