Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Tally of Triangles

I finished cutting another half yard of triangles last night.  The blade on my rotary cutter needs to be changed soon.  This quilt takes quite a bit of fabric.  I've gone to most of the fabric shops within a 30 mile radius looking for striped fabric in blue and red.  Although there aren't really that many shops.

The quilt calls for enough triangles to make 20 large sqaures, 53 medium squares and 130 little squares.  My current tally is 18, 31 and 70.  I have 3/4 of a yard of fabric left.  Looks like I'll be searching for more fabric.  One of the colours is from an actual shirt, so maybe I can find some striped shirts in good condition at a used clothing store.  It won't hurt to look.  

While I'm looking for the fabric maybe I'll make another Christmas ornament.  I've made 4 already and just need the ribbon to cover the middle and make the loop for hanging on the tree.  The first one I made was a bit wonky, it'd been years since I've made one.  Each one since has been a bit better.  Hopefully by Christmas I'll have a good stash to give as gifts.  

Yup, a pink Christmas ornament.  That one's for Nana.  It'll match her pink Christmas tree.  

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