Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fabric Christmas Ornament Instructions

Since I've been posting pictures these ornaments, I thought people might like to know how to make them.  They don't take very long and can get addictive.  You will need a 3" styrofoam ball, a surprising number of straight pins, and 2.5" squares of fabric.  It's best if there is both patterned and solid fabric.

The quantities are: colour A - 10; colour B - 16; colour C 16.

First thing to do is take a square of colour A and pin all 4 corners to the ball.  It's not going to lay flat but do your best to get the corners evenly spaced on the ball.  Take another square of colour A, stick a pin in the center and pin it at the center of the square on the ball.  Fold the edges down and pin the corners.  Turn the ball 90 degrees and repeat with another square.  Continue until 4 squares have been pinned.

Repeat with colour A on the opposite side of the ball.  Once that is complete you can move on to color B. Stick a pin in the center of a square and place it about a 3/8" down from the top of a triangle.  (You can choose this to be longer or shorter anywhere from 1/4" to 1/2".  Continue this, at the same distance down from the top, on the remaining three triangles.  Next is the corner triangles.  These are a bit farther down, about 3/4".  Repeat so that opposite side of ball is completed with colour B.


The final round is done with colour C.  Repeat same step as colour B, on both sides of the ball.  I tend to place all of the triangles are placed the same distance down from the triangle underneath.  About 3/8" -1/2".

Congratulations!  You have finished the hard part of making a fabric Christmas ornament.  Now you can use ribbon or coordinating fabric to cover the center of the ball and make the hanging loop.  Whatever you choose will need to be about 9.5-10" long and you can chose to glue it with hot glue or pin it.

Here is the finished product!  Enjoy! These are great as gifts at Christmas.  I try to have a few of them finished for the Christmas season so that whenever my husband and I are invited to a Christmas party I can give one as a host gift.

Finished Christmas Ornament

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