Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In love with alpaca

The restart on my knitting project is going really well.  I've always wanted to knit a scarf in the round and I thought this would be the perfect time. The needles are the right length and the yarn is delicious for lace.  Since I didn't make a swatch last time and it resulted in me undoing everything, I made a swatch this time.

The swatch turned out great and I really like the lace pattern with this alpaca silk.  Next step was to figure out how long I wanted the scarf to be and how many stitches that would take.  For this I had to enlist the assistance of my husband.  He was closer to the calculator and I couldn't wrap my brain around figuring out how to translate the 4.5 inch swatch which was 27 stitches into a 40 inch scarf.  With the added confusion of the pattern being a repeat of 8 + 3.  Confused yet?  Me too.  The answer is 227 stitches, thank you Kevin.

Yes, that is a giant Lego Tantive from Star Wars IV.  I got a new Kitchen Aid mixer recently, which meant Kevin got a new Lego thing to add to the collection.  It matches the Imperial Destroyer, Darth Vader's tie fighter, and the half a dozen or so others.  One of them even walks! So far, it's only a centimeter wide but it's coming along pretty fast.  Here is a finished project and a brilliant idea though.

I finished this blanket right before starting this blog.  Well... I really just ran out of that kind of yarn and since I recently moved away from the yarn store I used to frequent, I had no way to get more.  However, the too short blanket ended up being perfect.  I like sleeping with a blanket and Kevin doesn't.  This is perfect for any couple who has this problem. It must be pretty common.  I heard that women  like to be 10 degrees warmer than men. 

I think I like the light blue pattern the best.  The different lace patterns were really fun to try and I had been dying to do more lace things.  This yarn is Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep.  It's a great yarn for blankets and once it's colour is set in a vinegar wash, it is a great yarn for baby blankets too as it washes pretty easily, despite what the label says. 

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